Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"I Dreamed a Dream"

I didn't expect to get stuck on this God thing, having had my say about Easter, but you know I've noticed as the years pass that that one of the ways grace can nail a guy, knock him right to the floor gasping, is through music. I'm still awed when it happens and grateful when it does.

A lot of folks out there seem to be experiencing something akin to that these days through YouTube versions of Susan Boyle's stunning performance of I Dreamed a Dream from "Les Miserables" on "Britain's Got Talent," the British equivalent of "American Idol." It's a secular song, but still...

Susan Boyle is a Scots spinster of 47 who lives alone in a council estate apartment with her cat. Most describe her as plain, but I thought her beautiful. Plagued early by a learning disability she gave up aspirations to sing professionally in order to care for her mother, then stopped singing entirely --- including in the Catholic church she attends regularly --- when her mother died two years ago. Her decision to have a go at "Britain's Got Talent" was made partly in memory of her mother, who was a fan of the show. The result is astonishing.

If you've not watched it, and millions have, here's at attempt to provide a link. If this fails, Google "Susan Boyle" and a version will turn up. Take a look, but have a kleenex handy cuz you'll need it.


Ed Abbey said...

I saw a clip on the news a couple days ago and googled a full clip shortly afterwards. It blew me away!

Lynne said...

Hi Frank,
Lynne again. Maybe it would be easier to contact me by email to answer my questions. Thanks