Friday, December 19, 2008

Weather report and another blog

As often happens, the great storm didn't quite live up to the forecasts --- fine by me. From inside looking out, and I won't go out for another hour at least, we have maybe 5 inches of new snow here just sitting around waiting for the wind to kick in, but it hasn't done that yet. There is an ominous lime-green blizzard watch over in northwest Iowa, more snow is predicted tomorrow and Sunday and gusts in the 40s mph forecast here. Could have been worse, and may well be yet.

The McFarland News Service report from Chariton concerns ice and general slipperyness (but my garbage container made it safely out to the curb, thank you very much), but so far no downed limbs, branches (or power lines). Here's hoping there won't be.

It's always entertaining to watch the quiet frenzy mount around here as the forecasters become more and more shrill --- and at one point last night 8-12 inches of snow were predicted for Mason City. Everyone wants to get home fast, anticipating that hazard-filled 12 block drive to the east side of town. Multiple scanners bounce off each other from odd corners of the newsroom day and night. So about 9 last night someone caught the end of scanner conversation and asked, in alarm, "did they just say the Interstate was closed?" Well, it hadn't started to snow here yet, and didn't until just after I walked home at 11.

Like I said, I like to read about farming and ranching and the Internet has no geographic boundaries, so here's another favorite:

Musings from a Stonehead: Stonehead here refers to Stonehead Croft near Insch in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. This guy who lives with his wife and children on and farms the croft (a smallholding that Iowans accustomed to hundreds if not thousands of acres would think very small indeed) subtitles the blog, "The trials and tribulations of a modern crofter." They raise hogs (Berkshires), chickens (Scots Grays and ISA Browns), sheep and vegetables, working to become as self-sufficient as possible. I really enjoy the running commentary of the head of this household --- and the recipes, too. This week we've had toad-in-the-hole, mincemeat and roasting pork the Stonehead way.


Stonehead said...

Thanks for the mention and the link. The croft is pretty small by Australian standards too, while the price you paid for such a small patch is shocking. Still, it keeps me busy and feeds us quite well.

Stonehead said...

I just read that you're a Vietnam veteran. My Dad is too and as you say, nothing is ever the same after that sort of experienced. He was with 7 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment—an infantryman.