Thursday, December 04, 2008

Jolly old St. Nick(s)

Seems like we all need a little more Christmas than usual this year, so I've pulled out all the family Santas I can find and marshaled them on the pie safe to await deployment.

A few still are missing, but will turn up. I'm anxious to find Santa as Uncle Sam waving a flag. I can't remember if he's musical (a music box in his base), or just stands there. So I'll keep looking. Then there's the tall homemade wooden job with "Peace" stenciled down his front. He'll turn up. Lord knows we need a little more peace than usual this year, too

My favorite here is the guy on the right holding a book. Although you can't see it, he's got a book bag on his back. That was a gift years ago motivated by the unruly stacks of books I live with.

I've known folks who are downright Ebenezer-Scroogish about old Santa, but it's probably a good idea to lighten up and rise above all that. I wonder what the original St. Nicholas, 4th century bishop of Myra, renowned for his gifts to the poor, would make of his continuing popularity.

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