Wednesday, October 08, 2008

When in doubt, start another blog

Considering the state of the economy, the lackluster performance of all presidential and vice-presidential candidates and other factors, this might be a good time to jump out a window.

But the window I'm looking out of now is in a room that's about one-third below ground level, so I'd have to climb rather than jump and then would only scratch up my knees crawling across the gravel margin to grass. So it doesn't seem like a worthwhile gesture.

Instead, I've started a new blog of interest primarily to me and a few strays who may be interested in Lucas County genealogy, specifically to those with a stake of some sort in my family cemetery, Salem in Benton Township.

It's actually the cemetery of quite a few families, but I'm related to many of them or to people who are related to those I'm not related to, which is how it works in Lucas County. There are four generations of Myers here, beginning with my great-great-grandparents, Jacob and Harriet (Dick) Myers. That tall job with the urn on top at left in the photo up top is old Jacob's monument. My great-great-great-grandmother Redlingshafer, Doratha, is here, too. That old Deutschlander is the matriarch of most Redlingshafers --- a distinctive name --- still running around loose out there in the United States as well as countless people with other surnames.

My goal is to account for everyone I can find via their tombstones or other information in each of Salem's 52 lots (plus those interred in the churchyard after all the original lots were sold), unite the traces I find with photographs and publish the results at "Lucas County's Salem Cemetery." I'll get around to putting a link over to the left after a while. Anyone interested can find a link by clicking on "view my complete profile" for now.

I rounded up most of the data years ago and published much of it to a Salem Cemetery mailing list at RootsWeb. But the mailing list is impossible to organize, cannot accommodate photographs and wrangling a small herd of subscribers is problematic (they tend to move or change e-mail addresses resulting in a gazillion bounced e-mails every time anything is posted). It's still there and will remain, but is inactive.

So far, I've published the outline, but completed only one lot. It's going to take time to copy stuff over, add new stuff and find and take the photos. But the new blog, along with this one, will help keep me entertained --- and that's one of the points. It also will be a heck of a lot easier to point the folks who contact me asking for information to the blog rather than re-inventing the wheel, as I do now, each time I answer a query.

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