Tuesday, September 07, 2021

A Lucas County physician and the pandemic ...

I shared on Facebook Sunday the link to a guest post written by Chariton's Dr. Greg Cohen for Laura Belin's "Bleeding Heartland" headlined, "A rural doctor's ongoing pandemic experience." Here's that link again this morning.

These are curious times to live in Iowa, where the number of cases of COVID-19 had diminished dramatically by early to mid-summer and now is surging again. As that happens, our governor, state legislators and the Department of Public Health, which operates as directed by these folks, resist mandated precautions --- even barring them legislatively in schools.

So this is not really a safe state to live in again --- or to visit --- and I hate that. 

Dr. Cohen's advice remains consistent (he shared a similar letter early in the year on several platforms): Get vaccinated as soon as possible (if you're not); wear a mask in indoor public spaces, or in a crowd with people we don’t live with, or people not wearing masks; stop looking for our health information from social media, cable tv, politicians, and other biased and marginal sources; do not ask for or take medicines that have not been studied or approved for treating this disease.

And remember --- it's not all about "you" as some seem to suggest. Self-protection is wise, caring for others, an expression of the divine.

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