Sunday, August 01, 2021

Covid-19 reasserts itself in Lucas County

It's worth noting that 12 new cases of COVID-19 were reported last week by Lucas County Public Health for the period ending July 31. This is a sharp uptick in a county where one or two cases per reporting period have become the norm.

Similar spikes have been occurring in our neighbors to the east, Monroe County, and to the north and east, Marion. A more pronounced spike has been evident in Decatur County to the southwest, where the vaccination rate is among Iowa's lowest.

This is a sparsely populated rural area and the numbers remain small, but still ....

The virus and responses to it have become highly politicized in Iowa --- to the extent that Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey is a far more impassioned advocate for inoculation than Iowa's Kim Reynolds.

Immunization remains the best defense --- only 40 percent of Lucas Countyans are fully vaccinated according to Iowa Department of Public Health reports.

The cumulative impact of the Delta Variant in Iowa remains to the seen so other common sense precautions make sense --- avoid indoor crowds, wear masks when it seems wise to do so --- or you're asked to, keep washing your hands and continue to distance yourself from folks you don't know.

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