Friday, June 04, 2021

Poppies and peonies ...

Yes, I'm going to finish transcribing and posting Susan Day's 1914 History of Russell, the principal topic here this week. But the final installment consists of the most excruciatingly detailed history of a small-town business community I've run up against and I've found myself nodding off while typing. So this is a small break in the sequence to show off what's been blooming in the museum gardens.

I posted the pink poppy photo to Instagram earlier this week, then pushed it over to Facebook, so it's not new. But I do like the effect of those frills against a background of daisies and another June bloomer that I've forgotten the name of.

There's also a more traditional orange poppy nearby. I need to mark the pink poppy since we intend to let it go to seed and could easily forget which is which.

Elsewhere, the peonies have had a banner year, but are winding down now. Our best show was a bank of mixed old-fashioned varieties at the top of the tiered beds leading down to the patio. 

The starts for all of these came several years from Sherry and Fred Steinbach's garden, thinned there when they were reorganizing and brought to the museum. They've done very well for themselves.

Lily season is almost upon us, and the Siberian iris are starting to bloom. It won't be long, too, until the lavender starts to open and it's time for the harvest.

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