Monday, June 21, 2021

Meeting Bramlette Stotts face to face

I wrote a post here on Saturday entitled, "Bramlette Stotts' will & the Stotts Cemetery Fence."  Bramlette, who was only 27 and had been married just five months when he died on May 31, 1871, had included a provision in his will (made the day he died) to build a fence around the pioneer burial ground east of Columbia in Marion County where he and other family members are buried.

I didn't warn Stotts family historian Dennis Stotts that I was going to do this, but figured he'd see it and would have something to add. Part of that "something" was this tintype image of Bramlette himself, which I was really happy to see.

It's one thing to write about someone who has been dead and gone for 150 years, something else to do so when you can show what he or she looked like. A slightly different haircut and updated clothing --- this guy could have struck a pose last week.

I've added the new image to the old blog post, but thought I'd introduce him here, too, as a new week begins.

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