Saturday, May 01, 2021

It's World Naked Gardening Day

I spent a couple of hours in the museum garden yesterday and plan to be back for a while this morning, one reason why I'm running late today. More of George Todd's life and times should appear tomorrow.

I was --- and plan to remain --- fully clothed during my garden adventures, but my Twitter feed reminded me this morning that it is May 1, World Naked Gardening Day, something you may wish to observe. Which of course is why I'm telling you this.

WNDG was founded and organized in 2005 by Mark Storey, consulting editor of "Nude & Natural" magazine and Jacob Gabriel, a permaculturalist, although neither has any particular involvement nowadays. It took off, to a modest degree, internationally among gardeners, naturalist and otherwise, and landed on May 1 during 2007. Only New Zealanders have jumped ship, moving the date to to the last weekend in October during 2018 to conform with the reversed growing season there.

For illustrative purposes, I've borrowed online this snapshot taken in 2018 of the staff at Simpsons, a garden center in Inverness, Scotland. But this is Iowa and you'll be disappointed if you expect the staff of your favorite garden center to be similarly unclad.

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