Monday, March 29, 2021

Spring flowers and handwriting on the wall

So I went out to the museum early Sunday evening to check the status of the spring flowers.

And discovered two varieties of daffodil in bloom, solid gold near the Stephens House, two-tone near the school.

The blossoms on our baby Star Magnolia are beginning to burst their wrappings, preparing to unfold.

And then I sat down on the sidewalk alongside the south wall of the house to take a closer look at the tiny blue Siberian Squibb blooming there.

As I glanced up at the wall just west of the dining room bay window I saw the handwriting on the wall, something I've never noticed before.

The names appear to have been scratched into the blocks at the time they were formed, probably during 1911 when the house was built. So who were Carrol, B.L.E. and Pauline? As nearly as I can tell they were not members of the immediate A.J. Stephens family whose home this was.

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