Wednesday, March 10, 2021

One shot down, one to go ....

Yes, my upper left arm was a little sore last evening, eight hours or so after my first COVID-19 shot (second scheduled for April 6), but that was it --- and the soreness has dissipated this morning.

I got mine at Public Health, where I'd been on the list for a couple of weeks --- a highly efficient operation. Max Willadson and Phillip Masters were administering the vaccine and the flow of customers was steady.

Those who preferred to remain in their vehicles could arrange to do so --- and park just outside the parking lot door of the office.

It was a simple process, I didn't feel the shot go in and it all took about 20 minutes --- the bulk of that a mandatory sit-down period immediately after the jab just to make sure there were no allergic reactions.

The whole process was so well thought out and orchestrated that it was practically painless. We're lucky here in Lucas County to have such a highly efficient crew to help us out when needed! 

I believe appointments now are being scheduled both at Public Health and Hy-Vee for people 64 and younger with pre-existing health conditions (as well as those not yet inoculated in other categories). So if you're eligible and not on a list --- make an appointment and get it done.

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