Friday, January 15, 2021

Anyone recognize this version of the Derby Cafe?

This image of the Derby Cafe, operated by Gusta Flack on Main Street in Derby from 1958 until 2000 and most likely Lucas County's  best known place to eat, arrived at the Lucas County Historical Society  museum last year, given by a niece. 

It's what I'd call a folk-art piece, created from what appears to be mother of pearl against a painted background. Although it's a structurally accurate representation of the building you've got to look at it twice to recognize it --- in real life the building is part of a row of structures; the Derby Post Office just to the left.

The image was a gift of the artist to Mrs. Flack, but no one now remembers who the artist was. We'd like to know, so that credit can be given. So if anyone recognizes the style of work and has an idea of who created it, we'd like to know. Leave a comment.

Mrs. Flack and her sister, Marjorie, opened the cafe in Derby in 1958 and Gusta continued to operate it until retirement during 2000. She had marked her 100th birthday when she died in Chariton during 2014, survived by nieces and nephews.


Brenda said...

That was the BEST place to eat. I have a copy of a photo of the interior and the recipe for their sticky rolls both from former students of mine who worked there.

Anonymous said...

I used to take my aunt Wanda Anderson Moss there whenever I visited from Colorado. It gave me such joy to see her enjoy the food and the road trip from Chariton. I miss her and our times together.