Friday, May 18, 2018

Why I didn't call the cops or ICE or yell at Ukranians

Out in New York,
Manhattan lawyer Aaron
Schlossberg did threaten
to call ICE and was awarded
 asshole of the week
honors for his trouble.
I went down to Hy-Vee twice yesterday, once just after noon for lunch and again in the evening to fill water jugs and get paper towels. That grocery store probably is Lucas County's most diverse place so you never know who you're going to find there.

When I went in, two older women --- one wearing a babushka --- were standing by their carts in one of the produce aisles speaking some foreign language, Russian I think. Russian? In Chariton? Imagine that.

Anyhow, they seemed to be talking about the potatoes and not about me so I decided not to yell at them even though, if they live here you know, they should be speaking English.

Same goes for that Amish woman who wheeled her cart by just then. You do know, don't you, that these folks speak some sort of German dialect among themselves?

I wanted to eat Chinese so walked over to the deli aisle, but the guy standing behind the serving counter looked oriental and that gave me pause. I thought about telling him he should go back to where he came from --- but decided that if I did that I wouldn't get lunch and since this was one of the days when the American food didn't look very tasty kept my mouth shut.

There were two black guys in the store at the time --- one in a wheelchair and the other who seemed to have some kind of learning disability. I thought about calling the cops, but since neither would have been able to do me much harm, ended up not doing that.

Then when I was getting ready to check out in the evening, this Latino-looking guy walked over toward me with his shopping basket. Maybe I should have called ICE, but he looked like he had worked hard all day and I was kind of tired, too, and just wanted to get home. So I didn't.

Somehow I managed to get through the day and meet people of four different races and three different nationalities who spoke at least five languages --- without behaving like an asshole even once. Give it a try.


Nicholas said...

This post made my day. Thank you for writing it.

Tim McGee said...

That's the attitude all americans should have! Up until two years ago I didn't realize how many racist people I know.