Saturday, May 26, 2018

A morning at the museum with 100 sixth-graders

Approximately 100 Chariton Community School sixth-graders closed the school year on Friday with a visit to the Lucas County Historical Society's museum campus. Everyone made it through with flying colors and this was a great group of kids, although some of the adults were a little worn down after back-to-back presentations for eight groups at nine stations between 9 a.m. and noon.

The students and their chaperones packed Otterbein Church to kick off the morning, then moved from station to station on the campus.

Bob Ulrich was stationed in the Blacksmith Shop to explain how a vintage drill-press, the forge and other equipment worked.

Loren Burkhalter, headquartered in the barn, introduced the students to horse-drawn farm equipment while Rex Johnson continued that story in the Swanson Gallery across the patio, where more farm and other farm-related equipment is on display.

Karoline Dittmer prepares here to lead a tour through the coal mine in the Mine Gallery under the watchful glare of John L. Lewis.

Upstairs, Kathleen Dittmer shows off the late Judge Bill Stuart's vintage Chariton High School football helmet. Elsewhere, in the Perkins Room, several student musicians proved that the old square grand piano, although somewhat out of tune, still worked.

LaNelle Herron introduced the students to some of the intricacies of early 20th century life in the Stephens House dining room while, upstairs, Kay Brown explained the mysteries of an old-fashioned cord bed.

Mary Sandy again was in charge of operations at Puckerbrush School while just around the corner, Kylie Dittmer introduced the students to some of the realities of pioneer life in the log cabin.

The museum is open daily now Tuesday through Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. and, as always, admission is free. We're looking forward to "Peanut Day" on the 28th of June, an event that will include a concert on the patio by the community band and free fresh-roasted peanuts from the Piper's roaster as well as hotdogs and chips for all comers.

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