Saturday, March 31, 2018

Check other Lucas County war dead rosters, too

Dedication of Veterans Memorial Park last Memorial Day.

The rosters of Lucas County's war dead --- from Civil to Somalia --- are almost complete, barring additions or corrections from those, perhaps you, who read them and make suggestions. So take a look if you've got the time. I posted the Civil War roster yesterday.

Later on this spring, the names will be inscribed in granite and then placed in Veterans Memorial Park as a lasting tribute. While names can be added later, it certainly would be a positive thing to get them all right the first time. That's a challenge, however.

These are not official lists --- such things divided by county do not exist. And they're intended to be generous, incorporating all who might have considered themselves Lucas Countyans even though they might have been living or working elsewhere when they enlisted or were drafted.

If you have additions or corrections to make, leave a comment on this blog post or on any of the links to it posted on Facebook.

Spanish American War 

Walter E. Black, William T. Black, Benjamin F. Dismore, John W. Mauck 

World War I 

Gerald A. Bowen, John C. Burley, Raymond S. Cain, Carl L. Caviness. Fred A. Culbertson, Joseph A. Dachenbach, Charles F. Dean, Donald O. Duckworth, Lawrence Gookin, Earnest E. Herndon, Henry R. Johnson, Charles C. Lockridge, Harry W. Lykins, Kenneth L. McCoy, Montie W. Norman, Rudolph Otz, William B. Pulley, Stanley H. Rouse, Arnie Ryun, Rudolph E. Sandahl, Oshea J. Strain, Robert Thomas, Roy B. Tickel, Vernon L. Van Loon, Walter West, Forrest D. Youtsey 

World War II 

Mahlon B. Angstead, John E. Baxter Jr., Mark D. Bingaman, Donald L. Blue, Ora E. Cackler Jr., Thomas E. Carr, Beryl L. Clark, James D. Clark, Prosdocimo Della Betta, Walter Eckerman, Roy Ellis, Forrest Exley, Gerald Gathercole, Kenneth Haines, Arlie Hanks, Ellis Hatfield, Ronald Hayes, Wilma Jervis, Robert Keene, Andy Knapp, Lorance Krashowetz, Joseph Larson, Donald Long, Conrad McDonald, Franklin McDonald, William Marshall, James Miller, Fred Mincks, Robert Mitcham, Lyle Morris, Raymond Morrison, Lyle Mosbey, Wayne Needles, Loren Nussbaum, Raymond Nutt, Howard Oden, Jefferson Osenbaugh, Paul Pastovich, Richard Patterson, Vernon Pearcy, Stephen Pesuth, Oscar Peterson, Carlos Poush, Kenneth Ross, Leo Sampson, Herman Skinner, Homer Smith, Robert Smith, Zaccheus Stemm, Gerald Storie, Henry Thompson, Isaac Van Hook, John Vickroy, Charles Walker, Vernon Wells, Gordon Werts, Floyd Zimmer 

Korean War 

Alfred Agan, Donald Halferty, Roy Kirton, George Musick, Jerry Parker, Elmer Rowe, Lyle Shelton, Manuel Spoon, Harold H. Thorne 

Vietnam War 

Dennis Bingham, Leonard Cooper, Dennis Levis, Larry Peterson 


Matthew K. Anderson

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