Saturday, September 16, 2017

Raising the flags for Lucas County's MIA

A few photos today from yesterday morning's National POW/MIA Recognition Day program at Veterans Memorial Park in Chariton. Lucas County Legionnaires held the program to remember three of the county's Korean War fallen whose remains have never been recovered.

Representatives of the families of all three were present, including Bill (left) and Charlie Musick, nephew and grandnephew of Sgt. 1st Class George Musick. The others remembered were Corporal Elmer A. Rowe and Corporal Roy R. Kirton.

The program included raising of the U.S. flag and POW/MIA flag on the park's central flagpole.

Then the ritual of setting a table for the missing.

And the reading of their names.

Finally, since all three of the missing were U.S. Army personnel, the Army service flag was raised on the park's secondary pole. Ed Tighe, a Korean War veteran (far left) then placed a wreath at the base of the service flag pole.

It was a lovely morning and even the trains cooperated --- not one roared by on the busy Burlington Northern & Santa Fe tracks that form the park's western border.

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