Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hurrah for the red, white & blue ...

Netflix sent a poignant little "we'll miss you" note when I cancelled a recurring subscription to that online streaming service the other day. But it had to be done --- I'd not found anything in its huge catalog that seemed worth watching in about six weeks. Instead, BritBox is providing the couple of hours of mindless entertainment needed most evenings to put me to sleep.

There are two services offering, at the moment, "classic" British television fare. Acorn TV is the other, but BritBox got slightly better review.

BritBox does stream current episodes of a couple of British soaps --- not interested. But much of the fare is older. I've been watching "Wycliffe," "Scott & Bailey" and four episodes of "Vera," added recently. I'm hoping more of "Vera" arrives --- love me some Brenda Blethyn.

All of "Morse" is available; sadly, none of "Lewis." Acorn TV has the rights to the old favorite, "Midsomer Murders." What's available is governed by complex licensing agreements and a lot of the current stuff is restricted, at the moment, to cable offerings.

But I'm having fun and that's what's important. Plus, Netflix has assured me that all will be forgiven if I decide to return.

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