Tuesday, June 13, 2017

State Historical Society on the road in Chariton

We had lots of fun at the Lucas County Historical Society Museum Monday afternoon, playing host to members of the State Historical Society of Iowa Board of Trustees as well as staffers from the society and the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, of which the society is a part. They were very appreciative guests and brave, too, as we moved from building to building, some air conditioned and others not, on a very hot day.

I'm not going to name names right now --- I'd get some of them wrong; but that's Alyse Hunter of Chariton at far left above, who serves on the board of trustees and invited the group to spend the day in Chariton and conduct its June meeting here.

The group was uptown during the morning --- County Supervisor Steve Laing offered a tour of the courthouse tower and close-up encounter with the restored Seth Thomas clock; gathered over the noon hour for lunch and a meeting at the Freight House; then came to the museum to spend the afternoon before heading home.

It's always fun to show off the collection, although obviously it's impossible because of sheer volume to see everything.

Here, guests visit in the library (above) and examine the John L. Lewis display in the Vredenburg Gallery (below).

This vintage incubator designed for premature infants --- heated with a spirit lamp and lined with asbestos (!?!) --- always intrigues visitors.

Board members Lucinda Burkhalter and Bob Ulrich were on hand to meet and greet and help show the visitors around. That's Bob, above, explaining the art and mystery of roasting peanuts with the vintage roaster from Piper's. We'll fire the roaster up for real on June 29, when we host our annual Peanut Day open house, this year featuring a concert by the community band.

It's always rewarding to have special guests, but of course you can be a special guest, too. Just remember that we're open from 1 to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday until Sept. 30, admission is free and you'll always be welcome.

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