Thursday, June 15, 2017

A floral interlude

This seems like a good spot in a busy week for a floral interlude in the museum garden --- as  spring transitions into full summer and the watering hoses are deployed, just in case promised rain does not materialize.

The giant allium orbs that have intrigued guests for several days are now past their prime, but still interesting. These bulbs, which came to us from the garden of Jerry and the late Gayla Pierschbacher, have been repositioned at least once and put on a good show this year.

Nearby, blanket flowers are coming into bloom.

And ranks of lilies march along the south side of the Stephens House.

Some are hot orange.

Others, a cooler pink --- in both single and double varieties.

The only major fails this year have been the yuccas --- part of the landscape on the museum campus since long before it became a museum. Usually there are multiple blooming stalks about this time of year; this year, very few.

These are among the sturdiest of plants so we're not too worried, but apparently something during the last year disagreed with them.

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