Monday, May 22, 2017

Happy birthday courthouse! Happy birthday clock!

Lucas County grand Romanesque revival courthouse is celebrating its official 123rd birthday --- May 22, 1894, the date of dedication --- today. She scarcely looks a day over 100, does she?

This also is the day that the vintage Seth Thomas clock in the courthouse tower, a gift to Lucas County from Smith Henderson Mallory, was set to running for the first time after months of assembly, installation and fine-tuning.

Back in 1894, a dedicatory ceremony for both building and clock was held on this date in the top-floor courtroom.

Today, the current county supervisors and courthouse staff, under the direction of Supervisor Steve Laing whose dream it was to fully restore the 1894 clock, will gather on the courthouse lawn to rededicate this beautiful timepiece, still chiming out the hours and quarters after all those years.

After the clock chimes out 10 o'clock this morning, there will be a brief program followed by coffee and cookies. All are welcome!

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