Saturday, March 25, 2017

The sandhill crane cure ...

Feeling frayed this morning? Don't miss reporter Mike Killen's and photographer Zachary Boyden-Holmes' restorative piece in today's Des Moines Register headlined, "These dancing sandhill cranes perform one of the world's greatest migrations."

It's a tatty headline. One doesn't "perform" a migration, one merely migrates, then dances along the way if so inclined.

But it's a good story, great photos and a nice video.

Good news includes the fact that after a century of absence, sandhills have begun to establish small nesting populations here and there in Iowa, commencing in 1992, after 19th century populations of nesting humans drove them out by draining wetlands, using the giant birds for target practice, etc.

Once you've calmed down, I'd advise against reading the story headlined, "State agrees to help Medicaid companies shoulder huge losses."

Oh --- and turn the volume down. The audio on Register popup advertising video is really annoying.

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