Thursday, March 09, 2017

The expendability of patriarchs ....

I had a topic in mind for International Women's Day, which was yesterday, then didn't get around to doing the research. So here, a day late, is a poster to mark the occasion.

The imagery dates back to the World War II-era, when women entered the workforce in huge numbers as men went off to war and proved beyond a doubt that gender wasn't a barrier to much, if anything.

The patriarchy still is alive and well, of course, but on shakier ground than it used to be. Consider that sad little bantam rooster currently occupying the White House, strutting, pecking and crowing. He's done more in recent months to set back the cause of male superiority than anyone else I can think of, off hand.

Men can be useful, of course, and sometimes decorative and/or diverting. So I'm sure women will want to keep some around as time marches on.

But it's always useful to remember, as the poultry industry has proved, the only real necessity is a few well cared for flocks of sperm donors. So, males of the species, clean up your act and prepare to justify your existence if you're neither useful nor decorative.

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