Friday, December 02, 2016

Natural selection and those "gay genes"

I came across this TEDx talk in my news feed yesterday, then "shared" in order not to lose track of it. This takes that "share" a little farther ---  in another post related to sexual orientation before moving on to other topics.

The talk was given by Dr. James O'Keefe, a cardiologist, during an October TEDx event in Tallaght, South Dublin. TEDx events are independently organized, but licensed (at no charge) by TED.

It is a fairly comprehensive presentation of current scientific thinking that concludes variances in sexual orientation --- the fact most humans are heterosexual but a significant percentage is not --- are factors of natural design, not an aberration. And that there are practical reasons for the design.

O'Keefe, of course, is not a geneticist and certainly is biased --- he has a gay son. But none of this undercuts the basic science.

I think there's a general consensus among most of us who are gay that the "Christian" right, having scented blood during the recent political campaign and dismayed that their superstition-based narratives regarding us increasingly have been discredited, will attempt during the Trump administration to reverse civil rights gains we've made.

Some degree of confrontation most likely cannot be avoided, but it helps to be informed when facing ignorance.

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