Monday, October 31, 2016

The cathartic effect of hitting "unfriend"

A Facebook friend posted a meme Sunday morning that included something like the following printed in reverse type across a background of the American eagle and red, white and blue: "I'm sorry if my political posts offend you, but my country is more important than your opinion."

That was a little like a pheasant breaking cover. It attracted my attention, so I picked her off with the "unfriend" button and added another notch to my mouse.

That makes five during the current election season, maybe 10 during all the years I've been fiddling with the social media. I've got a really good group of friends with all kinds of opinions and convictions, political and otherwise. Generally, I'm interested in what they all have to say.

But the current election cycle has strained relationships, although I'm still not unduly concerned about who someone is or isn't voting for. Besides, I like to fire the occasional political potshot, too --- hopefully, no more than a half dozen or so a week.

The volume of "shares" lately has gotten out of hand, however. So I've taken out a major conspiracy theorist I've known since he was in high school, a sweet lady who seems to be spending her days scouring the internet for political stuff and then "sharing" it and a guy who posted something homophobic. I routinely unfriend racists and those who suggest others would be better off dead. And I once unfriended a guy just because he kept interspersing crude stuff with posts about how much he loved Jesus.

The result has improved my outlook considerably. 

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