Monday, October 17, 2016

Art & the other half of the Freight House (Part 2)

Saturday's Lucas County Arts Council fall festival attracted more highly accomplished painters than ever before, I think, and yesterday's post, Half way around the Freight House, featured some of them. Working my way this morning down the east half of the exhibit hall, here are more.

This was the first time Patsy Murphy (top) of Knoxville had participated in the Chariton show and her work drew many compliments.

Murphy works in a variety of media, including fabric.

Just down the lineup, Terry Sue Cox displayed a couple of paintings I really liked --- genre works depicting people actively involved in the game of life.

The first represents the artist and her son on a northern California beach; the second, youngsters at play on a trampoline.

Next-door, Nash Cox, who has been making a considerable name for himself during the last couple of years, had a number of his highly detailed vehicular-inspired works on display.

Terry Sue and Nash are my neighbors, so I see that old pickup nearly every morning when I look out the kitchen window.

Susan Baer is is a regional and personal favorite, too --- and I would gladly bring home several of her works if I had (a) money and (b) available walls.

I especially liked this still life inspired by a visit to the basement of a family home.

Sara Palmer was on hand with her paintings in the background, tie-dyed works in the foreground, all displayed while knitting: a triple threat.

Although not a painter, Mary Parks of Still Water Fiber Farm, Pleasantville, is always a favorite at the fall festival in part because she brings along one or more of her Angora rabbits --- and spins directly from these patient creatures.

This is a guaranteed show-stopper.

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