Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Chariton High School Class of 1951

This old Russell boy waded through a sea of Charger red at Friday's late-afternoon alumni gathering at Carpenters Hall to join the opening hour of a 65th-year reunion for the Chariton High School Class of 1951. Frank Mitchell issued the invitation --- which included one of Thelma Saxton's fine buffet meals --- and I was glad to comply.

Here are the class members in attendance. See how many you recognize.

Seated (from left) are Johanna Cappellin Linn of Lakewood, Colorado, Flo Gray Burley of Chariton, Dan Gullion of Ottumwa, Margaret Conrad Saxton of Montgomery, Alabama, Davidene Roberts McDonald of Chariton, and Ken Lee of Chariton.

And standing (from left): Frank Mitchell of Chariton, Harold Wright of Des Moines, Richard Risbeck of Chariton, Bob Clark of Chariton and Richard Hobbs of Lucas.

Johanna Linn brought the evening's entertainment from Colorado with her, in the form of her husband, Ellis.

You may see members of the class out and about today. They plan to meet for breakfast at Hy-Vee, then tour and reminisce some more at the Lucas County Historical Society museum.

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