Sunday, September 04, 2016

Stalking egrets, butterflies, bees &tc.

Back at the marsh pond last evening, I tried stalking egrets. Because they're smarter than I am, our relationship remained distant. Six were fishing along the north shore, backs turned to the pelicans that had settled in early for the night.

This guy and his or her partner were fishing the far south shore, moving to keep about the same amount of distance between us no matter how carefully I tried to approach.

A Monarch flew in and seemed willing to pose, but wouldn't cooperate by opening its wings --- this was about the best I cold do.

Indiangrass is my favorite among the prairie grasses --- and seed plumes are maturing all along the marsh trails these days.

I stopped to admire common pasture thistles ...

... and a morning glory ...

... and this little sunflower --- I've forgotten exactly which one.

Lanceleaf arrowhead prefers wet feet.

Even pesky smartweed (or pinkweed if you like) can be pretty if approached appreciatively.

Maturing buttonbush pods had teamed up with goldenrod.

It's a little early for asters, but these are among the first to open.

And bees are having a field day as autumn approaches.

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