Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Internet and Grave Hollow: New collides with old

I'd intended to post the balance of Sarah Gabbott's story this morning, but the Internet was down and it took a while to get that sorted out. And since I work on the blog online, we both were dead in the water.

But I'll finish that post up for tomorrow.

In the meantime, here's a photo looking west into Grave Hollow --- or a small part of it. As the years passed, the name "Grave Hollow" came to encompass a big area, stretching south from U.S. 34 along a small White Breast tributary and its feeder streams way back into the hills. This photo is looking down into Umbenhower country along the only road that passes through the hollow.

There's no way of telling exactly where Sarah's grave is located in the hollow, although it most likely would be somewhere in the neighborhood of this road, due west of Chariton and a straight-line westward extension of U.S. 34, or to the south, closer to the high-prairie route of the main branch of the Mormon Trail.


Martin said...

Could you get the cemetery "witchers" to look for it?

Frank D. Myers said...

It would be a huge area to "witch" without much of a clue about where even to begin.