Monday, July 04, 2016

Independence Day

I lifted this from Page 1 of The Herald-Patriot of July 4, 1946 --- celebrated a year after World War II had ended in both European and Pacific theaters. The words seem as appropriate now as then.

"What is this day? A day for flags flying and Church picnics? It's far more than that! What is this day? A day for closed stores? It's far more than that! What is this day? A day for parades and speeches? Yes --- that's it. July 4th, the Anniversary of America's hard-won independence is a day for parades in honor of every democratic principle by which we live: a day for speeches to waken and reawaken us all to the fact that we best fight for democracy by working for peace."

Elsewhere on that page, it was evident that wrangling for political advantage in upcoming elections had already begun. Abe Hass was a candidate for county attorney and his "stirring address" to the recent Republican convention in Chariton had merited a banner headline: "Hass Warns Electorate Dangers Ahead: Speaker Declares Present Condition of Country Due to Washington Waste."

There really is no new thing under the sun.

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