Wednesday, July 06, 2016

I'm just sending flowers ...

I'm just sending flowers this morning --- rather than sharing my profound insights into the political situation of the day.

A little reminder that most of us are spending too much time with our eyes glued to the social media and too little time  looking around.

These photos were taken late last evening in the museum gardens, annuals one and all --- starting with rudbekia, then plain old garden-variety zinnias, one with bee aboard --- (many will reseed themselves if you leave them alone).

A little old-fashioned larkspur.

Some globe amaranth.

What is this?  I have no idea, but it's pretty.

This, too --- I  liked the unexpected portrait of the little critter, upper right.

What could be prettier this time of year than purple coneflowers?

So take a deep breath, walk away from your laptop, get out there and enjoy the flowers. It's summer in Iowa!

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Jan L. said...

Thank you Frank. I needed this.
Jan L.