Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Brunch with the Baers

So this was how I spent Monday morning (very pleasantly), stuffing my face at a potluck brunch hosted by Susan and Bill Baer for the artists in various media who gather on other Monday mornings in the parish hall at St. Andrew's, plus members of the yoga group that meets there earlier and more often, plus spouses, plus hangers-on like me.

When serving began about 9:45 a.m., the food began about where Meg Prange is standing in the distance, turned the corner near Susan and passed in front of Jim Secor, who is helping himself. By the time everyone had arrived, the supply of breakfast casseroles, fruit, breads, etc., had turned the near corner and headed south.

Here are (from left) Kay Ulrich, Kay Brown, Kathy Willits and Lauri Hilgemann Ghormley.

At this table (clockwise from left) Lee Scott, Steve Scott, Rex Johnson, Bob Ulrich, Sarah Palmer and Nash Cox.

And at this table (from left) Will Ghormley, Jim Secor, Susan Baer and Meg Prange. I managed to miss a few others, including Bill Baer, Fred Steinbach and Teri Sue Cox. Great food and great company.

This is Flag Day and the Lucas County Historical Society's 160-year-old Liberty Township flag and I are scheduled to make an appearance at the Legion Hall in conjunction with the 7:45 a.m. flag-raising ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park. So I suppose I'd better move along.

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