Thursday, May 26, 2016

And this shall be a sign ...


I've been trying to remember how long we've been talking about a new sign for St. Andrew's. Years and years.

But something else always came up: The roof (twice in three years, the second time because of serious hail), the boiler, the air conditioning, a new "family" restroom, etc., etc.

Finally, Fred placed the order this spring and late yesterday, the sign rolled up in a big semi.

Every Episcopal church in America, or so it sometimes seems, has a default sign position --- identical  (but personalized with church name) printed metal jobs that hang from signpost brackets somewhere out front.

Most have other signs, too. But St. Andrew's had only that metal sign hanging out near the south entrance to the church's half-circle drive.

Chariton's third St. Andrew's Church was built in 1957 in one of the most visible locations in town, just off Highway 14 North. But in the years since, trees grew, an apartment complex developed and the hospital and an assisted living center sprouted in our back and side yards. And the church, rather small and simple, receded. A new sign out by the highway seemed in order.

By the time I got there yesterday afternoon, the sign already had been offloaded into the back of Fred's pickup, which then was backed into position. The sign was flipped as it came out of the pickup, then lowered into position on bolts secured in the previously poured concrete pad.

Unwrapping it actually took the longest time. That sign was packed very securely and arrived without a scratch.

Now all we have to do, once the basic information has been added to the sign, is come up with pithy and erudite one-liners to amaze passers by. We'll see how that goes. The only competition in the pithy sayings department along Highway 14 is the Community of Christ. Maybe we could have a contest.

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