Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Good Luck comeback continues ....

Of all the facade-improvement projects under way on the square this spring, I'm having the most fun watching restoration of the giant horseshoe window on the second floor of Betty Hansen's "Good Luck" Building.

The restoration crew had the plastic down yesterday while more masonry repairs were being made, so it was possible to take a closer look at just how architects and masons back in 1883 designed and built this innovative feature --- and how 2016 craftsmen are putting it back together.

When complete, new glazing will match the original --- a triple-hung center window flanked by arched sidelights.

In case you've forgotten how the building has changed over the last few months, here's a look at architect drawings for the facade project.

Look at the building as you walk or drive by and you'll also see that the Luxfer prism glass transom (pinwheel design, I think) of the cast-metal street facade now is back in place after restoration.

The final step down here will be new paint.

I'm told that the facade project in the Courthouse Square Historic District, which began late last summer, now is about 60 percent complete --- so more and more of these projects are coming together.

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