Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Perambulating honkers

 Canada geese are the most evident guests at the Pin Oak Motel these days, perambulating its grassy shoreline, splashing around, honking and eyeing intruders with glassy stares.

I disturbed this gaggle Monday evening, at ease near the north parking lot.

We considered each other for a considerable length of time, but those in charge eventually thought better of extended socialization.

They honked, flapped and resettled just offshore.

Meanwhile, the supervising resident eagles looked on from their perch near eastern shore of the big pond.

If you take a walk at the marsh on one of these early spring days, you can watch the eagles and listen to the wind, geese honking, and the trillings of red-winged blackbirds preparing to nest.

These are the important things --- and not the latest political drama.

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