Monday, March 21, 2016

The flowers that bloom (in the spring, tra la)

 I took a short walk around the museum grounds late yesterday afternoon --- nursing a cold and looking for spring-time encouragement, since it was the first day of spring. Here's what I found:

One clump of early Narcissus (above) and many more preparing to burst forth.

Siberian Squill sparkling here and there in mulch along the sidewalks.

Not exactly a spring plant, but no one told this hardy ground cover that it was too early to bloom.

Down over the hill in the vegetable garden, the garlic is looking good (I still have one bulb and two cloves from my share of last year's crop to use --- so much better than the sad little commercially grown bulbs found most often in grocery stores).

And it won't be long before rhubarb pie.

If I can find the seed, I'm going to sneak down when Jim isn't watching and scatter a little spinach and early lettuce around. I know just the spot --- safe from the big till that would root it out elsewhere in a couple of weeks.

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