Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Shrove Tuesday pancakes!

Thanks to our highly efficient wait staff --- some dozen Girl Scouts from the troop home-based in our parish hall with two Cub Scouts tossed in for good measure. 

And to all who came and ate last evening during St. Andrew's Shrove Tuesday pancake supper. It had been a cold day and we were happy to see so many people.

And to Hy-Vee, too, which donated the ham --- especially tasty this year.

I didn't get the head count (busy washing dishes), but did hear that between $350 and $400 was raised for the Ministry Center Food Bank, where all the proceeds of this annual event go.

There was no conflict either in the parish hall, where food was served, or in the kitchen --- despite a slight difference in pancake philosophy between the two cooks. Sherry Steinbach prefers three larger pancakes to a grill (therefore just two on a plate for the initial serving); Bill Gode, six pancakes per grill, three cakes on the first plate.

Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday is an English tradition --- over there, it was "Pancake Day" yesterday --- carried forward over here by many Episcopal, and other, churches.

There are differences, however, between pancake types. American pancakes are fat and poofy, served with butter and syrup. English pancakes are thinner, somewhere between an American cake and a thin French crepe, and traditionally are served with just lemon juice and sugar. Here's a slightly whacky English video that demonstrates the proper English technique.

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