Sunday, December 20, 2015

Laughing all the way to the altar rail ...

Religion, when it isn't being helpful, can be fairly horrible --- but it does help to laugh. So I look forward to daily (or more frequent) Facebook posts from my friends at "Unvirtuous Abbey." These are a few, seasonal and otherwise, that have appeared in my "feed" during the last few days.

We all have a short list of folks we'd pay the price of admission to see take a direct hit in mid-sentence, for example. Were such things likely, I might watch the Republican presidential debates.

Speaking of presidential debates, has it ever occurred to you that most depictions of the last supper look more like the preliminaries to a televised panel discussion than a shared meal? I tried attending a recreation of this event one time, but got the giggles. Jesus was wearing socks with his sandals.

Here's a seasonal reminder that holy families come in many varieties.

Been there, done that.

Been there and done that, too.

Really like this card.

Sometimes those of us who are skeptics can go a little overboard, too.

Always good to remember.

And some days, the hardest of all commandments to keep.

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