Sunday, November 15, 2015

The asparagus will rise again ...

The museum vegetable garden is Jim's project --- with flowers by Kay and yours truly as garlicmeister --- and we wrapped that up for the season yesterday with assistance from Rex and Kathy. Elsewhere, some fallen leaves --- those that would pack down and cause trouble later on --- were scooped up, too; and debris from last spring's woodland cleanup was hauled away.

There's still produce to be had --- I came home with carrots, leeks and kale. And I've got my eye on the last of the broccoli, but left that for Jim (he'd better harvest it soon, however, or it will be mine). The only philosophical difference involves parsnips --- dig now and trench (my mother), or wait until spring (Jim's mother).

And I've not yet mulched the garlic, but will get that done today or tomorrow --- this mild and pleasant autumn isn't going to last for ever.

It's not been that great a year, produce-wise --- quirky weather and critters, principally deer and rabbits. It has, however, been a great year for compost --- Kay is really excited about the condition of the contents of the compost bin.

It was a good day to work in the garden --- in what seem to be uncertain times. Snow will come, but in the spring the garlic will sprout, the rhubarb will poke its wrinkled nose through the ground and unfurl and the asparagus will rise again.

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