Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sunday morning rises at Red Haw State Park

Campers were beginning to stir shortly after dawn Sunday when I met sunrise at Red Haw to watch sea smoke drift up from the lake and admire the mix of early light and color that illuminates this most beautiful part of an autumn day.

But for the most part a lone bicyclist and I had all that beauty to ourselves.

The first widespread frost had arrived overnight and if you look carefully here, you'll see it in the grass southwest of the old stone shelter.

Although the fog was clearing from the northeast inlet ...

... the south bluff and stretches of lake beyond were still fogged in.

The west entrance to the shelter house framed colors beyond ...

... that close-up were incredibly vibrant in the sun.

But it was a little too chilly to sit down in the shelter (without a fire) and admire the view; best to just keep walking.

Due back in town, I had to hurry away just after 8, the nature of my day shifting with the character of the light.

But I came back early Monday, too, after the campground had emptied.

On this morning, the south bluff was visible.

And the lake, perfectly still.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photography and scenes.!!!