Thursday, October 08, 2015

Sanda's Garden ...

The flowers of marsh and prairie have for the most part faded now, but Sanda Bland Stump's small bright garden of well-tended annuals and perennials continues to flourish just south of the shelter at Pin Oak Marsh.

So put your coffee in a traveling cup some morning, go down and watch the sunrise with Sanda. This is such a pretty place, with views over the east marsh pond. But hurry! Frost will be upon us very soon.

Take along your binoculars. Although the pelicans have moved on, the resident eagles were performing along the east shore last evening when I went down for a walk.

When our friend died of cancer a year ago (on Oct. 28, 2014), her husband, Bob, and daughter, Melissa, said that memorial contributions would be used to help fund a public perennial garden. This is an aspect of that project --- enhancing the Pin Oak shelter --- but I have no idea of its full scope. 

I've just been enjoying the flowers of the moment.

Sanda's wide circle of friend and acquaintance was considerably broadened during the years she was the major contributor to a Facebook site entitled, "You grew up in Chariton, Iowa, if you remember" (now with 2,200 members), where she scanned and shared hundreds of photographs that might otherwise have been lost --- as well as sharing other historical information.

So I'll post a link to these photographs there, too.

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