Sunday, October 25, 2015

A little art, inside and out ...

This is my favorite photo from Saturday's fall arts festival at the C.B.&Q. Freight House, sponsored by the Lucas County Arts Council --- friends Kathy Willits (left) and Lauri Hilgemann Ghormley in thoughtful conversation. They're standing in front of Lauri's work in various media; Kathy's paintings were displayed elsewhere.

It's always fun to see the Freight House filled with color and pattern during these annual events and this year's was especially colorful, from one end of the long building to the other. There was soup, too --- so I had a big bowl of Linda Baynes' broccoli-cheese.

Other friends who were displaying on Saturday included my neighbor, Nash Cox --- he's the one in focus in this photograph. Kathy had a second chance at focused fame, but moved. Too bad.

And here's fabric artist Meg Prange, who as I've pointed out many times lives with husband Larry on what once was my family farm south of Russell.

The sun was struggling to throw off clouds when I got to the Freight House, but was shining by the time I left --- so that called for a drive later on through the cemetery, where the color has been spectacular this fall. I'm always afraid a tree will turn and I won't be there to see it, so daily patrols are necessary.

And then out to Red Haw as evening was closing in. The oaks are coming into their own now, but some of the best of these are in the bluff-top campground --- still populated by tents, trailers and people on a beautiful weekend.

So I stuck to the lakeshore.

I could say more this morning, but have an appointment with sunrise --- and don't want to miss it.

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