Thursday, September 10, 2015

A little early fall color

The goal late yesterday after mowing the lawn was to take a quick drive through the cemetery, then head down to the marsh. As it turned out, due to repaving on Highway 14/South Main, I couldn't get there from here.

So I took grass clippings to the dump (where the paving project has been headquartered for several weeks), dodged big trucks, then took a right to see if I could get onto 14 from the U.S. 34 exit. Nope. 

Headed toward home on South 8th Street, a coal train put life on hold briefly. Life goes like that some days, but I'm not complaining. It'll be grand to have Highway 14 in good shape again all the way to Corydon.

Besides I had these photos, taken at the marsh several days ago, in reserve --- although the colors are changing rapidly now as fall moves in and it all would have looked a little different last evening. 

The goldenrods are putting on a show right now and I'm still frustrated because I can't remember from year to year which variety is which. Like nearly everything else, there's considerable variety here.

Buttonbush --- with its feet almost in the water of the east marsh pond --- is hard to miss (if you're paying attention).

And I'm not quite sure what's up with this sunflower that seems to be trying to be a chrysanthemum.

Swamp rose mallow (a native hibiscus variety) likes wet feet --- I don't. But it was fairly dry the other day and I waded in. The bloom cycle is near its end here, but the seed pods are interesting and colorful, too.

All of these blooms were located within a few feet of the main Pin Oak trail, so go take a look --- when you can get there from here again.

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