Friday, August 14, 2015

The joy of not gardening ....

I didn't plant tomatoes this year --- too many went to waste last year; blight struck early and stayed late so the vines were ugly, too.

But Robin and Mick did --- a whole row that prospered, bloomed, set on, grew and then ripened. All at the same time.

Which is why Mick was wandering the neighborhood yesterday with bags of tomatoes, looking hopeful.

And why I now have a basketful to enjoy during the next few days. They look like tomatoes (a few blemishes and all) and taste like tomatoes (firm, sweet and mild) --- great stuff.

At the average of one BLT per day with balance on the side, plus another, I should be able to eat my way through these in no time at all.

Isn't it great to have good neighbors?

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