Monday, July 20, 2015

Bees' knees & Donald Trump

Sorting through some photos of bumblebees taken in my back yard late Sunday, I was struck by Donald Trump's resemblance to one of these delightful creatures --- and have been trying to get that out of my head ever since.

Bees are far more useful, do not sting war heroes (with words, at least) or dodge the draft and I've never heard a bumblebee say an unkind word about honeybees.

Having shared this, I'll never mention it again; so unfair to the bees.

There are worries about declining numbers of bumblebees, too, so it was reassuring to see a dozen or more buzzing around (and feeding) in the big clump of purple coneflowers and other stuff out behind the house.

Their genus name, "Bombus," is even better than "Bumblebee." It's a wonderful name to say over and over again, trying out various inflections, striving for the most drama. I wouldn't do this if the neighbors were watching, however.

Sadly, theses beauties won't make it through the winter. Only fertilized queens survive autumn frosts, then hunker down to ride out the cold and arise in the spring to begin anew the carefully scripted life cycle that is the bumblebee's.

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