Saturday, June 20, 2015

Margaret Stanton Larimer

Marcy Riley, a great-great-granddaughter of pioneer Chariton physician Dr. James E. Stanton and his wife, Mary Jane Hobbs, was in town a couple of weeks ago. One of the things we were able to show her at the museum was a DVD containing slides taken during an April 13, 1955, party at the Ilion (also known as Mallory's Castle) --- the last social event held there before it was demolished. The party also marked the 50th anniversary of Rotary International, which explains the birthday cake.

Three of the slides contain image of Marcy's grandmother, Margaret Stanton Laramer, one of Chariton's grand ladies from another era --- under full sail, I'd say irreverently in light of the spectacular satin gown that she is wearing.

I sent copies of the three images off to Marcy yesterday --- and thought others might enjoy seeing them, too. They just don't throw parties like this any more. Nor, for that matter, are they making Margaret Stanton Larimers either. One of these days, I'll post more of the images.

Margaret Stanton Larimer (1895-1968) was a daughter of Dr. Theodore Parker Stanton and his wife, Helen Marcy. She had been married to Robert E. Larimer, but that union had ended in divorce in an era when divorce was frowned upon. Margaret, however, sailed on with head held high --- generally identifying herself with both surnames, Stanton and Larimer.

Both of Dr. James E. Stanton's sons, Theodore P. and John H. (married Gertrude Aughey), were Chariton physicians. James E. Stanton will be remembered, too, as a principal organizer of the Chariton Cemetery back in 1864; and John and Gertrude as cemetery owners and administrators until 1929, when it was sold to the city. Both Theodore and John H. died in 1922.

Sadly, I've forgotten who took these slides (Russell Johnson, perhaps), but I'm fairly sure that Shawn Garton scanned them and created the DVD (with appropriate background music). Nick Cattell can clear all of this up, if he's tuned in.

The tall guy in the last slide is John Baldridge, but I'm going to leave it to others to make positive identifications of the rest --- as usual, I can't find my notes.

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Sally Eggan said...

I am a great granddaughter of John Henry Stanton and Gertrude Aughey Their daughter Elizabeth Stanton is my fathers mother