Thursday, May 07, 2015

The best clean-up day crew ever ....

The first order of business on the museum campus Wednesday morning was to launch a policing action in the campus woodland --- picking up debris that had blown or drifted in during the winter and hauling fallen limbs and branches out to a convenient pick-up point.

The crew --- an even dozen of the greatest young people (and teachers) you'd ever care to spend a morning with --- was one of many composed of Chariton High School students at work all over town yesterday morning as part of city-wide cleanup day.

This is an annual project of Chariton Area Chamber/Main Street in partnership with the school district and the city. Elsewhere, huge dumpsters were stationed at the old Armory to haul away pickup-loads of accumulated refuse and a hazardous waste collection point was operating on the square.

In previous years, only seniors have participated, but this year the entire high school emptied as work crews spread out across town. At the museum, chief gardener Kay Brown set the agenda, teachers Chelsy Arnold and Kathy Farrell coordinated student efforts --- and I enjoyed watching other people work.

Kay drafted these two guys --- Logan Johnston (left) and Vadim Garbuzov --- to haul some 30 jumbo bags of mulch up the steep incline from the Blacksmith Shop storeroom and distribute them next to borders. They started the mulching process, then were joined by others as the woodland effort wound down and the attention shifted to other projects.

Andie Rouw, of the school yearbook staff, stopped by to record all the activity for posterity.

I decided to try for an "American Gothic" effect, which didn't quite work out. Third from left is teacher Chelsy Arnold.

And midway through the morning everyone took a break and we organized a group photo shoot in front of the compost bin where limbs and branches --- even an entire fallen tree or two had been deposited. Teacher Kathy Farrell is second from the right.

Here, in alphabetical order, are the members of our outstanding crew. If you see any of them around, be sure to say "thanks" for helping to make Chariton a better place to live!

Macy Demichelis.

Elysa Downen.

Vadim Garbuzov.

Logan Johnston.

Destiny Letze.

Brandon McCormick (a regular volunteer at the Lucas County Genealogical Society library).

Dylan Porter.

Ronald Robinson.

Matthew Roush.

Colby Rowland.

Skyler Stroud.

Kassidy Wingfield (a regular volunteer at the Lucas County Historical Society).


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Brenda said...

These students with their youth and energy are great assets to community projects. I hope they realize how valuable their efforts are in helping the community be its best.