Sunday, May 17, 2015

Showers of blessings ...

It's been raining here --- and then raining some more. On the one hand, ordinarily manicured lawns have tipped out of control; on the other, everything that blooms has been blooming ever more enthusiastically.

I went out to the museum Saturday evening, after the last shower of the day and before the first shower of the night, to take a final look at the iris in their prime. They've been blooming now for two weeks and this part of their cycle is about to end.

They're all beautiful, but I'm thinking the bronze varieties are my favorites. There are two of these, one dark and the other lighter --- it's easier to tell the difference from a distance than it is close up.

This exotic from the garden of the late Marilyn Bridgford has been featured here before.

But here's its neighbor --- and to be truthful I took this photo Saturday morning before the rains began.

Another neighbor is ice blue.

But you have to look a little to discern the difference between ice blue and pure white.

And some are less exotic than others, but beautiful, too.

As the iris fade, other flowers are emerging. Columbine are in full bloom now --- the more common garden variety here.

And an exotic pink just next door.

The blessings of the day are where you find them --- in the garden as everywhere else.

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