Thursday, May 28, 2015

Oh, they're just chives ...

Richard Atwell, who recently purchased the duplex next door (and once upon a time was a childhood neighbor down south and east of Center Church), stopped to visit for a minute yesterday and before heading off to mow his latest lawn commented on how pretty the lavender blossoms that have erupted near my driveway were.

To which I responded, "Oh, they're just chives." But I should have added, "on steroids."

The patch by the driveway, flourishing in gravel of all things, is strictly volunteer --- related to the chives also flourishing this spring in the herb garden out back.

These are not your spindly little grass-like chives, available as potted starts in garden centers, but big muscular chives. There's some debate about whether these jumbo chives are a separate breed (I've seen the name giant Siberian chives applied to them), or just a slight variation.

Whatever the case, these came to my garden a few years ago from the garden of my then-neighbor, Lee Harrington, who had brought them in from the country.

To be honest, I don't use chives that often in cooking --- I just like to watch them grow (and bloom). 

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