Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hoary puccoon and the necessity of being present

The most important thing to do late yesterday --- in the grand overarching scheme of things --- was to take a walk. Or maybe "take a stand" would describe it better, but not in a militant sense.

Much of what's blooming in the prairie remnants this time of year is very small --- so it's necessary to stand still, let eyes adjust, and then gradually begin to see what's blooming around you in the grass.

There are exceptions. That Hoary Puccoon at the top --- one of my favorite native plant names --- glowing here and there in small clumps scattered across the landscape. 

Along with prairie phlox, although there were fewer of those Tuesday in one of my favorite areas along the Cinder Path east of Derby.

But a little concentration is required to see beyond these bold, bejeweled clumps.

Wild strawberry blossoms, near the ground, are a promise of things to come.

Then there's the delicate lavender of violet wood sorrel.

And bright buttons of common cinquefoil.

But only one prairie violet that I could find.

And are these, among the tiniest, bluets? I'm not sure.

But the name isn't that important. Just to stand there, look, listen to the chorus of birdsong, feel the breeze and be present --- now there's a worthwhile enterprise and a useful relief from human folly.

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Brenda said...

And yesterday was a PERFECT day!