Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Greenhouses, gardens & gods ....

Yesterday was reconnaissance, first visit of the season to Ellis Greenhouse at Lucas --- or, as I like to think of it, the best greenhouse (or series of greenhouses, some for nurturing, the big one for display) in the whole wide world.

There will be many return trips before Memorial Day, by which time the supply of plants will be thinning as gardens, flower beds and planters fill, graves are decorated and heat intensifies inside enclosed sunlit spaces.

Getting there is part of the experience --- that gorgeous drive through spring along U.S. 34 at first curving through rolling hills, then woodland, then that big drop into the Whitebreast valley.

Listening to the news headed over, I got to wondering if Pamela Geller would mellow out if she grew vegetables. Or if her would-be assassains --- now distinctly dead --- might have flouished rather than sputtering out had they decided to seek their God in a garden rather than at gunpoint in Garland, Texas.

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